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"You, yes, you"

May 31, 2011
By DeePiper PLATINUM, Gainesville, Texas
DeePiper PLATINUM, Gainesville, Texas
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"Poetry flows. Right from my heart, to the paper. The best poems create themselves within your heart, and your mind...well, the mind interprets them... See, think of your heart as the artist, and your mind as the audience... get it?"

You, yes, you
Ghost of the rain, seasons past
Back again after long summers pass.
tasting the salt of tears
Wasted as before
Pray, I sat watching--
Nowhere is a chilling place!
You know where,
You've gone for a while..
To roam. Where?--
To gaze upon the fallen?
Fallen angels, rising abyss?
Dare scold I?
Your vowed hypocrisy!
Same sad song,
sang the woeful tune.
Headstrong, fast and blind.
Same old you.
You, yes, you.

The author's comments:
Did you ever know of some one whom you loved dearly once, but now that love has been twisted into frustration and confusion? Some one you once admired, even thought of as a hero. This person has a habit of disappearing and reappearing in your life without cause or warning. And it's created a sort of whirlpool of chaos, making you question everything, everyone, even yourself. Even faith. I know some one like this. The one person in the world I never want to be.

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