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May 14, 2011
By AndySixxLover GOLD, Weatherford, Texas
AndySixxLover GOLD, Weatherford, Texas
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These violent delights have violent ends and in there triumph die like fire and powder in witch their kiss consume

The realization of everything that’s going on right now is devastating to me my heart is breaking my life is ending witcdoesnt’t sound so bad right now I feel like there’s nothing to live for anymore except you but that’s not enough for me anymore everything’s different now you left me here unprotected alone for dead nothing can save me now not even you nothing is worse than the way I feel right now nothing could ever compare its something someone like you wouldn’t understand, the feeling of depression is taking over me every time I see you I die a little more inside your taking away my happiness and there’s nothing I can do anymore I never should have fallen for you as hard as I did I do it all the time and nothing ever helps I don’t know why I cant trust anyone not even myself I’ve let myself down to many times before and I don’t want it to happen again I’m dieing slowly no one can save me I’m drowning in my own tears its something I hope you never have to go through

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