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Should I tell her??

May 15, 2011
By Yarek GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Yarek GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Should I tell her?
I’m afraid; I think shouldnt’t because I might loose her for ever
When ever I see her
Her smile makes my day
I feel far away when I don’t see her no more
I am willing to display my feelings to her if she lets me
I think I will decay slowly if I don’t tell her
I can’t delay my feelings no more
I lay and think about her and write about her
I don’t feel okay when I’m around her because
I feel wonderful and amazing when I’m next to her
I am willing to do anything for her
But I won’t sail away from her
I feel pail when I am around her
Hopefully she doesn’t say farewell
Soon I’ll tell her that I like her
Her name is spelled carefully in my mind and notebook
I would yell to the world that I love her
Should I hide this feeling because it’s impossible to hide them
I wish she knew how much I need her
I would like to chill someday with her and talk about us
You can lay on my shoulder and rest
I promise you everything will be all right
I promise when you don’t have any strength left I will help her to continue
Should I tell her?
Wait I think I did.
Change all the HER to YOU
Yes I do like you
You make me smile everyday
I thought I wouldn’t like some one
And I guess I did
I know you probably don’t like me but be truthful to me
Do you like me?
Go head and tell me “No!!”
Even though it might kill my dreams
I might have to fill my heart with false feelings
I may not be cute and all that but I have true feelings for you
I know I have feelings for you but I’m sorry if I over did it
But you know what they say, you have to leave love free and if it doesn’t come back then it wasn’t yours
Pero nolo puedo dejar ir
I know you might like someone else and not me
And in my world everything is painted black because I think I don’t have a chance
But I don’t want to hurt myself no more
I think I should give up and accept I may not have you
I just hate how much it hurts
It just crushes my heart more
I don’t want to harm myself
I prefer leaving and not getting denied like always
Pero no se que hacer namas lo que se es que te kiero
But I gave up on love
It just flew away like the dove
I not above no more
Im below in the darkness with out happiness
I don’t glow no more because I lost all my strength
All the strength I had
I used it on you
To show you that I want you
Im giving up
I cant take this pain no more
The pain now had became a part of me

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