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Fairytale Loss

May 8, 2011
By swedishfishiecatcher SILVER, Westport, Massachusetts
swedishfishiecatcher SILVER, Westport, Massachusetts
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-- John Green

If I must lose
Let me not lose this silver voice
Echoing among the starry silence
If I must lose
Let me keep this castle
Built on moonlit meadows
And loving promises whispered into darkness
If I must lose
Let me hold on to these memories
Recounted onto scraps of paper, lost in chaos and
Treaded on by the relentless feet of the city
If I must lose
Don't take away nights like this
Listening to heartbeats in wordless conversation
Trusting completely in heart and sunrise.
If I must lose
Take my body
But spare my heart
For I could not bear to see him lonely.

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