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May 7, 2011
By Irene GOLD, Dublin, California
Irene GOLD, Dublin, California
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Mother, I hate to see you angered by me
Saddened by me
Frustrated by me
But most of all, Mother, I hate to see you disappointed in me

Because, Mother, you are everything to me
People say that there is no love like that of a mother
Those people are wrong because, Mother, I love you so much- more than I could ever describe
It is also said that a true mother would die for her own
Mother, your own would sacrifice her life for you
Just as you have protected me from pain, so shall I

Mother, at times it is hard for me to express my gratitude
But it is there and you should know
All of that tenderness, patience and love has not been in vain
Mother, you have taken such good care of me
That at times I forget how lucky I am

Mother, I do not love you simply out of duty
Or only because you are my mother
Mother, I love you because you are a beautiful person
Because your capacity for patience and kindness is boundless
Mother, you are so strong and determined
You are so balanced and you are my hero

Mother, without you I would be nothing
Not only because you conceived me, but also because you have molded me
Mother, when the going got tough you chose the harder path
And stuck it out while taking care of me instead of flinging me into the arms of a nanny
Mother, I am grateful for that
Because you are to me as the Sun is to the Moon
And I would not be able to shine without you

Mother, I love you more than you think I do
You are my shining beacon
And I would be lost without you
I do not know what I would do without you
Because you are more than my mother
You are my best friend

Mother, you are the only one who could ever love me unconditionally
The only one to take me as I am, flaws and all
Mother, I will love you to the ends of the Earth and nothing could ever tear that love away from me
You are my mother and just as you have loved and protected me, let me do the same
I love you, Mother, with all my heart.

The author's comments:
Dedicated to all the amazing moms out there, especially mine.

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