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The Gift of Fire

April 30, 2011
By bananapan PLATINUM, Issaquah, Washington
bananapan PLATINUM, Issaquah, Washington
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We too, are stardust.

Let inspiration strike me—
Lightning upon my winged chariot.

Let the embers of thought rouse my mind,
And provide the glow of accomplishment.

Let me nurture those fledgling ideas;
I’ll chisel my very own Galatea.

I will be a Daedalus of my time,
Create a labyrinth of my grandest dreams,

Unleash that hidden potential:
A Metis between my ears.

I am capable—
I am ready.

Prometheus, father of man
Deliver me, that forbidden flame.

The author's comments:
I have adored Greek mythology ever since I was in elementary school. This poem is about my spirit for ambition and passion for ingenuity.

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