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I Hope You're Happy Now

April 27, 2011
By KimiRose GOLD, Harrogate, Other
KimiRose GOLD, Harrogate, Other
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You used to treat me like I was special
I got to thinking that maybe
We could be together.
I thought I was the only one for you.

How wrong could I be?

All the time you were making me feel
Like there could never be anybody else
Telling me I was different from the rest.
You were saying the same to every girl around.

How could I have had no idea?

You told us all the same things
Hedging your bets, I guess.
None of us were special
Just pawns in your cruel game.

Why did it go on for so long?

The stupid thing is, I believed you.
I was young, naive, without a clue.
I had no idea everyone was laughing at me
Behind my back - all because of you.

I hope you're happy now.

The author's comments:
For anyone who has ever been strung along, or dated a player.
Please comment and leave your feedback! :)

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