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Hate to Love

April 10, 2011
By aawkwaard_ GOLD, Grand Junction, Colorado
aawkwaard_ GOLD, Grand Junction, Colorado
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monsters don't live under our beds; they live inside our heads.

His smile is what keeps me running, it's keeps me alive.
I hate him so much but yet I can't get enough of him. I remember all the dates of something special that happened between me and him. He has affected so many girls and his kiss is addicting. People always ask me why do i still like him.. I say because threw all the hurt and pain he put me threw he was once a great person. No one knows exactly what me and him had but it was magic. He dated all my friends to make me jealous but it didn't work.. I danced with a few guys and he almost cried, that told me that the same guy is still in there. I know I'm still in his heart somewhere because he is always showing off in front of me, talking to me; even though he is being mean it is a still a reason to talk. Our communication is nothing but fights but that is the only way we actually listen to each other. Everything never comes out we always has something buried that the other one will never know. But the only thing that i have to say to him right now is I hate how much I love you. </3

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