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The Pull

April 13, 2011
By fallinglikesnowx SILVER, Creston, Ohio
fallinglikesnowx SILVER, Creston, Ohio
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On the day of the winter solstice
I fell off of the earth
The wind took me for miles
Revival, rebirth
I swam through the atmosphere
Setting fire to all I love
Burning bridges and anything else
I was undeserving of

It was the pull of the tide
That led me to a craze
It was the weight of the world
That caused this great haze

I wrote so much
That my finger tips bled
I ate the ink of eulogies
And recited what they said
I danced with Poe’s dark raven
And slept in Plath’s bell jar
I swallowed an unrequited love
A feeling quite bizarre

It was the tilt of the axis
That drove me insane
The inconstant seasons
That messed with my brain

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