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The Sea.

April 9, 2011
By merelyacitizen DIAMOND, Waynesville, North Carolina
merelyacitizen DIAMOND, Waynesville, North Carolina
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I reject your reality and substitute my own.

How long have I been dead?
You've been gone for quite some time, a voice said.
Have I truly experienced death? This seems so sublime.
Yes, there is no heave in your chest and no living soul you'll find.
This is so hard to believe! Surely this is a dream. Surely this is benign.
Listen to yourself, you cannot scream. All that you loved is now behind.
Oh no, no I must take my leave! I must discover a way to rewind.
No, sir, there are no doors or stairs, can't you see? This is a place where your eyes perceive but you are truly blind.
No, I must be living; I must be able to bleed! If I am dead I will live, I will go against the rind.
Listen wayfarer, to my words you must heed. There is no escape, there is nothing to find.
But if I could just live again I would renounce the things I don't need. I would correct my mistakes, make everything fine.
No young soul, what you see is what is to be. You will rot as the rest of us have, on your body the maggots will dine.
No! I am more than this! In my life I lived with glee. There is no way I have fallen to death. No way have I failed to walk the line.
Yes, young traveler, your body was lost to the depths of the sea. None have yet to find you so on the waves your body will glide.
To the sea? I scoff at you dear sir. The sea I most abhor. Inconceivable it is that the sea brought me to deaths door.
Fear the sea you may, love the land you may not. But the sea battled and bested you, no matter how hard you fought.
If what you say is worthy and if what you say is true, then I have departed from the living with no hope to renew.
You have retreated from mortality, yes, this much is so. But you can wander here eternally and with no signs of age to show.
What of my loves and my belongings and my family, shall they lie in wait? While they wonder of my whereabouts and their hearts stagnate?
If such love you speak is present and such love you speak is thus, then closure will be of no consequence and their hearts will all be just.
I suppose you are correct, though I hate to admit. I will cease my barrage of questions, it is my time to quit.
Yes, young soul, allow yourself at ease. Do not resist the inevitable; simply fall to your knees.
Thank you kind sir, you gentle mentor of sorts. I will assume your directions so nothing else, too, will distort.

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