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March 18, 2011
By LadyMoon DIAMOND, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
LadyMoon DIAMOND, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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bubbles *pop pop*
carrying rainbows of happiness in their reflections
drums *boom boom*
the sound of the rythm of the beating hearts
castanets *clack clack*
tap dancing feet on a whirlind of joy
rain *drip drop*
the sound of the trees crying in our gray world...

Tears *no sound*
the sound that carries our hearts and souls, that thrive on emotion, whether it be happiness or sadness,
the sound that defines a nation of hurt people...the sound that NOBODY hears.
the sound that heals some people, and angers others
the sound that can be painted in many colors of feeling, the sound that can make people share a common pain.
A sound that can help others deal wiht loss, sound that comes from the inner reaches of our soul, that show all our raw hurt and suicidal thoughts.
a sound, that when somebody does hear, will make us realize we were too late.

The author's comments:
"a person very close to me recently comitted suicide. I later read her journal and realized how many times she's cried alone, and nobody helped her. this goes out to all those people who cry alone."

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