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Country, I Love Thee

February 27, 2011
By LightningForMyAllergies GOLD, White Bluff, Tennessee
LightningForMyAllergies GOLD, White Bluff, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
When you look at me, you see only a fraction of my reflection, and my reflection shows only a fraction of me.

If I said I believed in unicorns
with goat-like feet and narwhal horns
I trust America that she would not judge me
and America, crazy, tis' why I love thee
For you are a dreamer,
a lover and believer
in mystical things like freedom, possibility, and equality
and though these may be
characteristics of the weak
oh, you are meek but not weak
because I know
in my home-grown soul
you are the wild,
you've grown accustomed to being a disciplined child
so your spirit leads you to discovery
and your heart is unbridled and untamed
so if pride and opinion are at fee
you care not what others think of thee
and though others may threaten thee
with tales of downfall and tragedy
United States of America, I stand -always- in love with thee.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because my home country,the United States, is a tiny bit behind on choice of measurement systems. Also, I do enjoy my country greatly!

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