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The Moon in the Day

March 9, 2011
By forsaken BRONZE, Mission Viejo, California
forsaken BRONZE, Mission Viejo, California
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Favorite Quote:
Be who you are and speak your opinions,
because the people who matter, dont mind
the people who mind, dont matter.

The feeling I get
is like the moment in time
when a clock stops to tick.

When I'm with you
there are no priorities to do.
Unable to think,
of any problems or worries.

Sharing our stories,
without fear of rejection.
Motivates me to be your protection.

I stare in your eyes,
because they remind me,
of the moon in the sky
during the midst of the day.

My heart starts to beat
as your walking my way.
So for these reasons, I plead out to god please,
"That you stay the Moon in My Day"

The author's comments:
This poem should remind the reader of a time in their lives that they spent with another person. A point in time that wasn't about material things, power, or money but instead about feelings between human connections.

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