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February 16, 2011
By l.iney DIAMOND, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
l.iney DIAMOND, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
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The moments we waste turning our backs on the ones we love
Is a number too large to announce
And the times we go against all we have ever learned
Is a disgrace to the ones who taught us
The times we walk away from our family and friends
Is another moment thrown away
And the times we disobey all the ones who care enough to stick around
Is another moment where we don’t show our appreciation
The days we waste just lying around not bothering to get out of bed
Is another time we lack determination
The weeks we let roll past without a worry or a care
Is just another way to prove we don’t see the possibilities
And the times we follow another’s path
Is when we are so lost in the gloom of the past
We don’t notice the brightness of the future

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