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When I Said Goodbye

February 19, 2011
By l.iney DIAMOND, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
l.iney DIAMOND, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
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When I said goodbye
I didn’t intend on forever
I didn’t want that hug
To be the last you ever gave me.
When I said goodbye
I think God misunderstood
I didn’t want you taken away
I simply meant goodbye for now.
When I said goodbye
I never imagined those would be
our last words to each other
and our last moment together.
When I said goodbye
I never thought I would be walking away forever
for if I had I never would have turned my back from you.
When I said goodbye
What I meant to say was this
I love you, and I will see you again soon.
So goodbye was not meant for forever but only for now.
Mistakes were made
and now you are gone
and I wish I could erase the moment,
When I Said Goodbye.

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