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January 26, 2011
By Volleystar15 GOLD, Wauconda, Illinois
Volleystar15 GOLD, Wauconda, Illinois
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"You asked me what was wrong, i smiled and said NOTHING.
Then i turned around and whispered EVERYTHING."

"When i see you smile and know that is not for me, that is when i miss you the most."

Met you last week
Love first sight
Always wanted to peek.
Said my chance was a might.
Then you Met my best friend
You guys started talking
All those texts you guys send
You sent me packing
Then again my chance came
We got together
I thought you felt the same
Then came bad weather
You fell for the friend
Left me behind
You try to mend
But I cannot find
That forgiveness you want
Us friends is what you ask
But our past is my haunt
I put on my mask
That happy face
You don’t realize
You I can not replace
All I can do is analyze
Where this all went wrong
That first kiss
But it is all gone
Im at a miss
You left me last night
Tears keep falling
Here I am heartbroken
Watching you be
With my best friend

The author's comments:
this is the story of how my boyfriend broke up with me for my best friend

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on Mar. 7 2011 at 4:41 pm
far.from.you. GOLD, Bradenton, Florida
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" She completly fell for him, but he didnt even stumble...</3" -unknown.

Oh my GOSH.... u are amazing! Do u know me?! lol jk, cuz i can relate. Good job(:

on Feb. 12 2011 at 11:00 pm
OliviaShea GOLD, Lakewood, Washington
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"be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter, and those who matter dont mind" "you know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams"

i love this! it is so good! i can almost feel your emotions through your words, which is such an amazing thing when it comes to poetry! the one line i dont absolutely love is "i am at a miss". it flows well with the poem, but the words together dont completely make sense (to me anyways, but i could be wrong) maybe try "it is you i miss) it has the same number of syllables but gets across a clearer message(: just a suggestion. but even without any suggestions this is a great poem(: