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My life

January 8, 2011
By Yarek GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Yarek GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"Im allergic to cheating and I hate failure and im in love with achivement above and beneath it"-Lil wayne

My life is like a tree
You mark it and it stays
My falls has injured me
Standing up and going threw the maze
Dreams like a tornado
Its destroys everything around it and leaves a mess
I prefer a hurricane
So I could swim threw my problems and not be dry of ideas
Why do people have to be haters?
Why do they enjoy to see me stumble and fall
But the most thing that I enjoy is when they see I don’t give up
I don’t stay at the ground winning
Because if I did I wouldn’t be writing this
My child hood was the worst part of my life
Because even though I don’t have a wife
I still play around with dangerous knifes
I am remembering my falls
Understanding why I am alone
Applying my mistakes to this day
Analyzing how did I trip
But sometimes I take a sip
That’s why I slip

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