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December 28, 2010
By CheyDance GOLD, Peralta, New Mexico
CheyDance GOLD, Peralta, New Mexico
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"Dancers don't dance to live, dancers live to Dance."

Life isn' t what you would expect it would be when you are six, it isn' t princesses, prince charming, or castles.

When I was little I couldn' t wait to grow up, I felt like I was chained to staying litte forever.

Now I am a sparrow flying between clouds.

I am scared all the time, I wish I could hug my mommy and have her comfort me with kisses.

I am so cold, I am hollow inside, and so longing to be charished once more.

and not being afraid of getting hurt.

I wish upon a shooting star to aid me in being youthfull, short, give me closure that I'm loved.

Don't I even wish I was six again?

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