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Embossed Love

December 24, 2010
By txdrama SILVER, Austin, Texas
txdrama SILVER, Austin, Texas
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"The hardest choice in life is learning which bridge to burn, and which to cross."

We were such a perfect couple, always together,
But you put our love aside, for another.
You broke my heart, and never looked back,
But I will always be here, love for you I do not lack.
With all the little pieces, that you turned my heart into,
I have managed to keep you in mind and I still love you.
I wish things could go back, back to the way they were,
Back to the days when your opinion was all that I heard.
But honestly I must say…
I’m sick of crying, and I’m tired of trying,
On the outside I’m smiling, but on the inside I’m dying.
Losing you is a tragedy, yes it is indeed,
But tearing up my insides is not worth this need.
So now I say it loud and I say it proud,
I will let go of my dream of having you forever,
I will now move on and search to find another.
Hopefully his love, will compensate my loss,
But even if it does my heart has your love embossed.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this after my first love left town for college.

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