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December 13, 2010
By GoneButNeverOver BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
GoneButNeverOver BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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If its true can see it with your eyes even in the dark and thats where want to be.

I am a bird

flying high

watching your life without me

i cant take this anymore

WIthout you

i am only another speck in the sky

i am nothing

i need you back

in my life

i need you to take me down

with you

make me whole

make me realize

i am weak

you broke me

you made me worthless

then you threw me away

just like the rest

give me an answer

give me life

take this hell

you have given me

make me new

I am a fish

down below

the murky water

I see you but

you walk passed me

without another thought

your indifference

is killing me

and somewhere

deep inside you

i know it kills you to

you dont need to save me

because i wont drown

when i hit the bottom

I am the person

back in your arms

but thats not

where i want to be

i have moved on

but i cant bear to let go

of you

of this life

that i had wanted so much

before but i have changed

i am gone

and you are still here

and i just walk


I am a flower

silently growing

reaching up

letting the wind sway around me

letting you pass me by

without a second thought

but that someday my

colors will fade

and i will wilt

but for now I am just me


the birds above we

the fish below me

the people around me

the flowers in my hands

taking notice

when no one else does

knowing i was just like them


The author's comments:
So this one i thought of when i was lying on my back the boat while my brother was wakeboarding. i saw birds in the sky and i stared writing about them and as it stared flowing it turned into about me.

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