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Mr. Sandman, My Friend

December 10, 2010
By DevinQuin GOLD, Norwalk, Iowa
DevinQuin GOLD, Norwalk, Iowa
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Mr. Sandman is my enemy tonight
With lids heavy I am losing the fight
Often I welcome his calming conversations
Tonight I am not willing to let him have his way
We are both stubborn as sin
We both know eventually he will win
But only after I am satisfied
With the days products
Will I admit that the night is his

He's a sneaky old devil, that’s for sure
Convincing me to lose myself
In the comfort of my mind and soul

He tries to lull me to sleep
With a soothing voice
But I refuse to end
This day's strife

Can he not wait?
Until I am satisfied
With the accomplishments
That this day provides?

Or is he impatient
To greet the sun
With an ambition and sincerity
That is rarely found
In the hearts of humans
Who refuse to love?

Well either way Mr. Sandman
I am forced to admit...
Tonight you and your witt
Have managed to convince
That it would be to my advantage
To quit this fight
Of mind versus body
And give in to the sanctity of night

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