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Make Me Wonder

December 2, 2010
By Poetiquette PLATINUM, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
Poetiquette PLATINUM, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
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Tuck me into my bed at night
Kiss my forehead, turn off the light
Whisper that I never have to worry, everything's alright
But the way he stopped kissing your cheek
That new tone with which you speak
The vacant look in your eyes like your future's bleak
Makes me wonder where and when this all went wrong
Makes me wonder how long you can remain this strong

Now I'm old enough to tell the time
I know it's late, but I'll be fine
I already told you both I'd be out past nine
When I come home I quickly park
Race into a house, always dark
Look at your beds separated by a question mark
Makes me wonder where and when this all went wrong
Makes me wonder how long I can play along

I hear the yells from down below
How much farther apart can two people grow?
Later upstairs, strangers act like I don't know
I toss and turn in my bed at night
The truth in nightmares, I turn on the light
I've never believed that everything was alright
A marriage built on vows said to be strong
Vows that were always wrong, wrong, wrong

White dress, black tux, wedding glam
Love always, love not, what a sham
Two people together forever and eternally damned
First date, first kiss, first boyfriend
Three words, dropped, never again
Who welcomes love if you can't escape a bitter end?
Makes me wonder if there was ever love all along
Makes me wonder why people write love songs

Now things have gotten worse
Dad's gone, but no divorce
I take up a pen and carve a verse:

Love is four letters long
Three spaces strong
But can't sing a lullaby
Love got me here
Now, Love be a dear
And teach them goodbye
When Love fails
People sit on their tails
And wait for it's return
Love, why do you bring hearts
Together to fall apart
What is there to learn?

Mom sings cheerfully as she goes about her day
Dad comes to collect his things never again to stay
I never saw the love with them but it must've been beautiful before it left
When it stole their hearts in a shower of sparks, what a remarkable theft
Because they didn't steal each other's hearts, and if they did, not for long
So Love can reuse broken hearts as they become whole with a new song

Love has given me a song to sing and I do every day
The words are frightening, but here's what they have to say:

Love is four letters long
Three spaces strong
But can't sing a lullaby
If you think it doesn't exist
Then I insist
That you really give it a try
If it doesn't work out
It's nothing to cry about
Just wait for it's return
Sometimes it may fall apart
You'll break your heart
But there's always something to learn
Like how to love and how to give love in turn

Makes me wonder where and when this all became right
Makes me wonder how Love ever got me to fight

But I never worry
Everything's alright

The author's comments:
I've grown up with the idea that love is a trap because of how I saw my parent's marriage, and it's taken me this long to realize that it doesn't have to be viewed so negatively. Letting yourself let go of your reservations and just believing in love is a hard thing to do, but hopefully one day it can happen to all of us.

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on Feb. 11 2012 at 7:13 pm
Twinn4ever SILVER, Pflugerville, Texas
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you are really good ive read all the things youve posted and you are amazing!!