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Coming Back

December 6, 2010
By JKinner93 GOLD, East Jordan, Michigan
JKinner93 GOLD, East Jordan, Michigan
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I fell for you long ago
A time in my life
Where I knew nothing

A time in my life
When my heart,
My mind,
My body
And my soul
Knew nothing more
Than my life goal

About 7th grade I realized
I really did like you,
You would wait after school
For just a short while
To wave and say Hi
And just to see me smile

But a life changing event occurred
And you left
I heard the reason
But never poked around
I didn’t see you much
Just figured you moved

As time passed
I slowly moved on
Till High School Rolled around

I walked through the doors
Of my science class
And there you sat
With that heartwarming smile

Once again I started falling
For the way you made me smile
For the way you made me laugh
Sitting in class with you around me
Just made everything so much better

More time passed
With getting to know you
Then once again
You were gone,
My feeling for you never changed
You left,
But they stayed

Couple years later
Here you were
You started coming around
More than before
Just this time
It meant much more

Hanging out with you
There was nothing better
Nothing could top my feelings
I felt when I was with you

Before you came back
My heart felt cold
It felt like a black
Dark hole

Being hurt so many times
Had put me in the state of mind
That no guy could care
That no guy could love
Till you came along
And put me above

You actually cared
You actually could love
So I waited
For you to just love me

With you by my side
Everything was alright
You only left to go home
But you were right there
When the next day rolled around

Now we’re together
And we’re in love
No more hurt in my life
Just you to care

I want to be with you
Forever more
I love you with all my heart
Which was hard to do
With so much hurt

No more worries
About being used
No more worries
About being hurt

You say you love me
And honestly I believe you,
I know you won’t hurt me
And I know you’ll be true
My only wish now
Is to spend my life,
Loving you.

The author's comments:
My boyfriend and I have known each other for quite a long time. We both liked each other in middle school but never really showed it. He used to leave a lot because of things that happened but once he came back for good is when we really fell for each other.

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