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Hurt .

November 6, 2010
By Sileron-evol PLATINUM, Providence, Rhode Island
Sileron-evol PLATINUM, Providence, Rhode Island
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Remember the days when we talked for hours about absolutly nothing, do you remember when you told me you loved me, remember when i left & you said you missed me. Do you?
Cause i find myself replaying these memories over and over again.
You forgot what we had, and that breaks my heart.
We never talk now,
You say your busy,
but its funny that you find time to talk to her but not me....
Im heart broken
im lost inside, figuiring out what i couldve done differently
Is it my fault that we're not close anymore, is it yours?
Or is it just fate?
Im hurt,
Im lost,
I cant breathe,
My tears suffocate me,
I try to hold them back,
But they kill me everytime.
The memories that you had forgotten, are always in my head, they bring me tears, not joy.
Im hurt, that youve moved on
But sadly im moving on too
I cant stay in the past forever,
The pain is still there,
The hurt would sadly never go away
I hopen you realize what you had, what WE had.
I cant change your mind, i cant make your choses for you, i cant make you love me, i cant make you remember.
Im sad that everything turned out like this. Everything we had is slowly blurring, is slowly drifting out of my mind......

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