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Time To Let Go

November 17, 2010
By JKinner93 GOLD, East Jordan, Michigan
JKinner93 GOLD, East Jordan, Michigan
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It’s time to let go
Your baby is grown
It’s time to watch me
Spread my wings and be free

I’m 17 now
And I want to act
As I have been taught
By the leaders of my pack

My family has not been close
So I’ve been forced
To learn from their mistakes
They’ve made in the past

Their carelessness
Their attitudes
Their ways to change
Have not helped them
In their time of need

The things they’ve done
They can’t turn back
But trust me now
I’ll stick to my word

College sounds good
And so does the cash
I’m not changing my way
For someone’s personal gain

I’ll be OK
It’s not just me
I have a man in my life
To care,
To support,
And to be by my side

He won’t hurt me
I promise you that
He loves me
With all of his heart
And just wants the best

I won’t mess up
To where I can’t turn back
I want to soar
Higher than before

Now is the time
For you to let me be
Time for you to set me free

I love you dearest
For you are my mom
You brought me here
And taught me right from wrong

Now you must trust
I’ll use my smarts
Not forgets what I’ve been taught
Not forget who I have

In my life I’ll still have you
I’ll have a man by my side
I’ll have my dad
That is until
The time comes for you
To fly above my head
Where I can’t reach
Till later on when it’s my time

But not for a long time
Will I have to worry about
The time when I lose
The ones who care

You’re all still here
For still a long time
The time in my life
When I need you the most
To give advice but let me be
Let me soar,
Set me free

It’s time to let go now
But I’ll still be close
In your hearts,
In your souls

The author's comments:
My mom is very over protective and this is just a way i'm going to try to get her to realize i'm grown up and she needs to let go.

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