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Never Again

November 15, 2010
By echome94 PLATINUM, Daleville, Virginia
echome94 PLATINUM, Daleville, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
When the world around me ceases to exist and then i will open up and let a cruel man like you in


You have cursed me
Didnt you know that?
With your kiss i am trapped
I will go around and around forever!
Does she think it was meaningless?
Because i certainly dont think so
That kiss made my heart explode
And made my cheeks catch on fire!
She is my best friend
You should not have kissed me!
You selfish jerk you should have known better
I do not take her leftovers!
Even though of course you were once mine
She may feast apon you forever
And enjoy your bitter taste
So leave me alone and never again put your lips to my face!

The author's comments:
"My ex kissed me when she wasnt looking and i was so p*****. Instead of hitting him i wrote this."

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