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I was Lost

November 8, 2010
By vballer14 BRONZE, Cicero, Illinois
vballer14 BRONZE, Cicero, Illinois
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I woke up today and took a look around
When I looked what I saw wasn't my life
It wasn't me
It wasn't where I wanted to be
What could I do?
I was lost
Was it too late to change it?
Should it be embraced?
Should I keep going?
Should I slow down and fix it?
I was lost
It took me so long to realize it that it scared me
I was lost with no clue how to get back
There was noone there to save me
Was it too late to save myself?
I did not know
I was looking for a sign
Anything to help me figure it all out
But nothing came
I was lost
Should I panic?
What was the point?
Should I try to run away?
It wouldn't get me anywhere that I wasn't already at
I was lost
I felt helpless
I just wanted to be found
I screamed as loud as I could
But noone heard me
Just then I broke down and cried
I had finally realized...

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