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& not the boy

October 29, 2010
By Nerdy-Bookworm BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Nerdy-Bookworm BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Seeing you right there in front of me
telling me how much you like me
but why were you with her
how could you love her but have feelings for me
how can you tell me that & expect me to keep it to myself
did you even think about how it would affect me
change the way i feel about you
you were the one who wanted to know
you were the one who would nonstop ask me to tell you
& now that i told you
you brought my hopes uo
just to bring them down again
all that sweet talk & telling me you werent going to leave me
meant nothing
i really want to hate you
for what you did
i try & try but you always find a way to make me fall even harder for you
i try to distance myself fro you but im always finding myself getting more & more closer
why cant you be my best friend
who i told everything to
& not the boy i dream about every night

The author's comments:
i wrote this for my best friend who hurt me soo much but he will never kno bcuz hes soo blind to c how much i care bout him

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