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Leaving you behind

October 29, 2010
By Nerdy-Bookworm BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Nerdy-Bookworm BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Dont care what happened anymore
just want every memory of you to leave my mind
want to start fresh
but how can i if you live right by me
how can i forget when youre right there always reminding me
alway bringing up the long summer nights when we would just simply talk
where you said you loved me so many times
and i said it back
why are you hanging on to these memories?
why are you doing this to me?
dont you think i suffered enough
im trying my hardest not to give in
not to throw myself back at you
but you wont give up
how can you say you still love me
when you said my love wasnt enough
i gave everything i had in me to you
and you just turned it down
how do i know that youre not going to break me again?

The author's comments:
this piece was inspired by sum1 who made me believe that he actually cared about me.

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