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Maybe, just maybe

November 3, 2010
By vallerieanna18 GOLD, Madawaska, Maine
vallerieanna18 GOLD, Madawaska, Maine
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I mean,
Im not going to lie.
I do believe life could be easier
All the lines
Could be shorter
All the prices
Could be cheeper
No cell phones
Went on roaming
No parents
Ever fought
No kids ever tease
And all kids would get
Nothing less than a B’s

I mean,
Im not going to lie,
Life could be easier
But why?
Why not make the money
To stand in those lines?
Why not wait till we get off roaming
To finally get a text?
Why not fight?
Why not tease?

Sometimes when I see the world
I could really use some help.
Sometimes when I see the world..
I don’t want to change it.
Its made me who I am
And dammit
Im proud
May not have a perfect family
Maybe no money for lines
Maybe I don’t mind that fight
Maybe I can take a tease

Maybe the reason the world seems so cold
Is because that’s how others
Want it to be
Maybe we are all just fighting
The innocent little kid
On the bench over there
Maybe if we all sat
And became proud of who we are
Maybe we’d finally have the courage
To say
Quit the bullshit”

Just maybe

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