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I love you. Boy do i.

November 3, 2010
By vallerieanna18 GOLD, Madawaska, Maine
vallerieanna18 GOLD, Madawaska, Maine
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I love you
Boy, do I

From the way you eat
To the way you smell,
And the way you smile
And hate Justin bieber

I love you
Boy, do I.

You carry me away
With the way you sing
“Have I sung you a song?
I’ll try not to sing off tune”
Off tune

From that one time
At that place
With that thing in the front
On that thing we walked by
On that day
Man, that was great

From you ‘jar of hearts’
To ‘uncle albert’
Knowing ‘I don’t wanna miss a thing’
And remembering ‘two is better than one’

I love you
Boy, do I

I give all it away
Oh boy, would I
To look at you
Hair spray,
Jell, and all,
Standing in front of that
Product full mirror
Just to say
“your hair looks fine”
And look at you weird
When you come out with your hair
Ovbiously not done

And from this,
You’ll be happy to know
My lawyers is still fully jealous

Boy, I really love you

And that thing you do to my ear
That clench in your hand,
Giving me a good night hug,
But that way
We loose eachothers though
When we look at the other
Just look
Not expecting a look back
And poof
We’re lost

I love you

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