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Cinderella Chick

October 20, 2010
By LadyMoon DIAMOND, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
LadyMoon DIAMOND, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I don't believe in handsome guys coming to save the so-called "damsel in distress."
What is a damsel anyway?
I'd much rather be the knight in shining armor so I could fight my own battles.
I don't wear heels so forget the glass slipper, Cinderella.

I refuse to wear a dress,the thought just makes me sick, I just can't play the role of the Cinderella chick.

The whole blond hair, blue eyes deal is the complete opposite of me,
with my cocoa brown skin and my sandy colored hair.
My feet aren't small
and I can't dance on account of my two "left feet."

You can laugh behind my back
or tell me to my face, take your pick,
I sill refuse to be a Cinderella chick.

Let me be Ariel, who escaped from the sea
Or Princess Jasmin, who sailed the night so free.
So get me another princess, please be quick,
Cause I never really liked that Cinderella chick.

The author's comments:
"I just never liked the idea that a girl is usually classified as "helpless", always needing a guy around to help them out. I know I'm strong on my own and I know there's a whole lot of girls out there who are even stronger than I am so this poem is recognizing and applauding all those girls. BTW, I'm sorry if you happened to like Cinderella. I wasn't trying to diss her. :)"

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