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Compelled by Love

October 15, 2010
By Phoenix97 PLATINUM, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Phoenix97 PLATINUM, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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twisted masterpieces
fallen from beauty
distorted like reflections in a fun house mirror
motivated, driven
by all that should've never been
compelled by hate, by fear, by greed
each an army fighting wars
solely for himself
trampling others in a quest
to attain a bitter end
once so perfect
brilliant reflections of a God
now forgotten
in our love affair with self and darkness
twisted masterpieces
fallen from beauty
breaking the Artist's heart
as He watches His creations
dead-set on their path to self-destruction
He created them so lovely
so intricate, so good
their design still evident
in the echoes of what should've been
warped visions of perfection
the Artist's heart is breaking
and the time is running out
only one thing left to do
only one way now to save them
taking on our broken form
living in our ravished world
came the Source of all perfection
of all beauty, of all truth
in an act of greatest love
the Artist took the fate of His creation
took the pain, took the shame
to restore His masterpiece
His love for us outweighed the cost
required to set us free
compelled by love
He restored us
in His love now
we are new

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