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My Heart

October 14, 2010
By JKinner93 GOLD, East Jordan, Michigan
JKinner93 GOLD, East Jordan, Michigan
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My Heart
I feel my heart piece by piece
Rise up from the ashes from once it fell
Burned to the ground
From the fiery hell
Contained inside
For oh so long

With help from you
The sky is clear
Clearer than it has been
For about 2 years

You come into my life
And now I see
How everyone around me
Can be so happy

With someone by their sides
To help and care
In good times and bad
No matter the risk

With someone like you
Coming into my life
No worries,
No pain,
No heartache,
No rain,

The skies are blue now
No clouds around
No pain inside
With my sweetheart around

You pulled me out
You saved my life
From the smoldering coals
Of my broken,
Emotionless heart

The author's comments:
I have been hurt too many times in the past and this is a poem that just kind of flowed from my head. This is the way I feel about my boyfriend that I have now and he has just helped me through a lot.

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