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Greed is the Reason.

October 3, 2010
By britttttlynn SILVER, Crestline, Ohio
britttttlynn SILVER, Crestline, Ohio
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— Marilyn Monroe

the dreams of perfection turn into a war.
a race to be superior is what your fighting for.
the government says its a search for another nation's best.
but i know the hidden reason is to create a conquest.

a fight to the finish, death is what they seek.
the innocent lives of americans lost because the government is too weak.
soldiers fight with governmental greed, searching for total rule.
advertisments trick americans into being used only as a tool.

we are told thousands of lies as they try to convince us, war is what we need.
while they hide from the guilt of death, caused only by their greed.
young men and women die for this country, each and every day.
still the government spreads lies, to those whose families will pay.

america was its own crisis from within.
an inner war of the divided, united states is soon to begin.
fights are caused by descrimination and hate.
unwanted decisions are no longer a debate.

for i no longer have the right to form an opinion of my own.
the government makes the rules, and what they say is written in stone.
what ever happened to "we the people" who rule this country, full of the free.
it is slowly disappearing, just like the lives in other countries.

i know that war is not the solution.
more important issues should be worried about, like world pollution.
cancer, diseases, and many other sicknesses travel through the air.
the genocide in darfur is still going on, and no one seems to care.

every person in the world is at risk to natural disasters.
war will only make the human race disappear faster.
we should all work together to discover something new.
the war needs to end, but like any other conflict, it takes at least 2.
both sides must cooperate, to reach world peace.
both sides must work together to tame an enemy beast.

innocent lives being tortured are begging for help.
while we pretend we cant hear their constant screams and yelps.
for the war is not over, with its constant killing.
to achieve this peace, we must all be willing.

The author's comments:
I know people personally that have suffered from these useless wars. I dont understand why people seem to think fighting will fix ANYTHING. It is obvious that it never worked before, so why hope for it to work now? Yes there will always be that one person that wants to be in control and he may act with violence, but that doesn't mean responding with violence is the solution. Being told as a child, "two wrongs don't make a right," doesn't only mean anything when your young. If you could say it for that specific situatuion, you can say it for any situation, including war.

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