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MMX (2010)

October 2, 2010
By Brittuhhknee BRONZE, North Highlands, California
Brittuhhknee BRONZE, North Highlands, California
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I am

a hopeless innovator.

I speak

of being a badass gangster

but im terrified of a fight.

I judge

people about themselves,

about the way they act

but I am just as bad as them sometimes.

I claim

to be a Christian

but I sin daily..

I am

a silent warrior.

I endure

less than people in third world countries

but my life is anything but ordinary.

I suffer

abuse from most people I meet.

I am


I am powerful,

more powerful thatn anyone could ever know...

with the right training,

I could take anyone down


without guilt.

I am not

an evil person, however.

I've got a dream,

I can be


A trend setter.

Class President.

An assasinator.

Army Intelligence.

A tyrant.

A conspiracy leader.

A spiritual contactor.


I am

wanted for treason.

I am

a mass hate leader.

I am

a racist.

I am

a fraud car salesman.

I am

a phony.

I am

a flobot.

I am

the Gastro of silent leaders.

I am

a Civil Rights leader.

I am

a member of the Peace and Freedom party.

I am

a voice of the youth.

I am everything.

I am nothing.

Under God,

I am his child.


Holy spirit filled.

Bound for greatness.

Infected by demonic injections.

Corrupt by influentual blasphemy.

Inspired by the ideas of musical realists.

I am

the face of the new generation

the youth of the nation the ones that will change everything.

We'll make peace,

or watch the apocalypse...indefinetly....

Our time is now.

Pick a side,

Good or evil.

Saved or sinned.

Influentual or corrupted.

Cast your ballot,

good over evil.

Heaven over hell.

Saint over sinner.

Angel over demon.

Grab your armor-

it's time to suit up.

The time for freedom is now.

The time to assemble your army is almost up,

be they friend or fiend.

The time is now-

no turning back.

Fight for your beliefs.

Stay strong!

Hold your head high!

Just know that-


is the war to end all wars......

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