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A War of One

September 14, 2010
By sharadyn PLATINUM, Creve Coeur, Illinois
sharadyn PLATINUM, Creve Coeur, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"When the power of love over comes the love of power, then the world will know peace"

In the bed next to me,
we live in the same room
day by day
she is my roommate.

I give her my smile
I give her my plastered
happy face.
She thinks I'm happy.

I've got her fooled
for when she falls asleep
my monsters come out
and my demons taunt.

She doesn't know about the war
that is going on beside here
every day.
she thinks I'm ok.

My silent cries
and my silent screams
go unnoticed and unheard
by my roommates ears

She'll see me in the morning.
A different person
than the one she fell asleep by
last night.

fore i can not hide this much longer
I will not live this lie.
I can not hide my sin forever
The scars are on my heart, why not add them to my sleeve

My bones are lead
against my organs
crushing the living
parts of my body.

My thoughts
My breathing,
all get heavy.

I just want to be saved.
A refugee,
of the immortal enemy
i call me.

The author's comments:
Just another day, another battle in the war of being a statistic

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