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Losing all Control

September 14, 2010
By yamaha21 GOLD, West Bend, Wisconsin
yamaha21 GOLD, West Bend, Wisconsin
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it's not so bad

the feeling of a gripping hand

subjected onth the flesh of my neck

the presperation of one's breath

easing in and out

the resistment stops

it's what "he" wanted

right. . . ?

the tears stream down my face

like a waterfall

lifes adventurous

full of experiences

breathing gets harder, my throat


where'd my soul go

blaming myself for this

not knowing when the numbness will


blood trickles down my leg

I look away in fear of being seen

the moment freezes

falling down upon my knees

I cringe.

he stands there

telling me how good I was

tells me I liked it

my feelings no longer mine

it's not so bad,

I liked it remember.

or so I was told.

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