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My sister, My lover, My best friend ( Part 2)

September 14, 2010
By yamaha21 GOLD, West Bend, Wisconsin
yamaha21 GOLD, West Bend, Wisconsin
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Time passes us by.

Each day I cry inside.

You aren't here to see me grow,

to learn, to achieve my dreams,

to smile, to b****.

Somedays are harder and longer

than others.

But I look to you for encouragement.

You will always be my hero,

and therefore my other half.

It is never easy to say goodbye,

nor easy to say Hi, but you have

taught to share the things I enjoy

the most,

to care for those who need a hand,

to love those uncoditionally.

Being there for me, when mom wasn't

was not the easiest, but I'm sure

more interesting.

The late night walks under the half

crescent moon scared half to death

of the swaying fields.

I have always admired your beauty

and originality.

For without my sister I wouldn't

have been the man I am today.

To my best friend, we shared some

crazy a** times,

and to my lover, for without you

I wouldn't be able to share my heart

for the world to see.

I Love You.

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