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September 3, 2010
By babyboo8810 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
babyboo8810 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
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I have held others before. But never had this feeling that I get with you
If not for you, I wouldn’t know what true love feels like.
I’ve told others that I loved them, but came to realize that it wasn’t love.
I have to feel your tender touch I have to hear your voice No other one could take your place You’re it I have no choice.
Before I meet you I thought I was happy, and I was, but I had never known the rich happiness, deep pleasure, and total fulfillment you bring to me
I love you for the worm and sweet affection in your eyes.
My thoughts of you are like rain drops on a flower, beautiful.
I can’t get you out of my head. I don’t want to.
I have told you how u make me happy,
Your touch, your kiss, the way you look at me.
When I say I heart you I really mean, I love you.
I am just afraid to tell you.
I don’t want you to go. I don’t want to lose you. I know that we just started and I hope we never end
I want to tell you every pain I have. And I want you to tell me your pain.
Forever is a long time. But I could be with you for ever
So here I am to tell you that I love you for the first time. I just hope you feel the same about me.
Love you babe

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