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its addicting...

August 23, 2010
By Connor Stubblefield SILVER, Woodburn, Oregon
Connor Stubblefield SILVER, Woodburn, Oregon
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alcohol is a rough thing
its addicting...
most people touch it without thinking,
but they soon realize that
its addicting...
its starts out as a social drink, but ends up as an "I NEED IT" thing
its additing.
and then it starts...
the cursing
the hitting
the pain
the scars.
at one point, a drinker
ends up in behind the wheel.
and ends an innocent life
without even thinking.
its addicting.........

The author's comments:
alcohol has hit my life in many ways. it is a very tough thing to deal with and i have very strong feelings about drinking. ALCOHOL IS NEVER AN EXCUSE FOR ANYTHING. and it NEVER WILL BE. please, just THINK before you DRINK.

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