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i strain my eyes as you shine..

August 10, 2010
By merelyacitizen DIAMOND, Waynesville, North Carolina
merelyacitizen DIAMOND, Waynesville, North Carolina
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I reject your reality and substitute my own.

there is peace within this, such rest.
there is serenity in this as you waste away upon my chest.
our collisions are becoming ever so present, welcoming and violent.
direction is handy, yet our hands know not where to go.
we have loved within this nary letting a glimpse show.
we have found escape, solitude in the dismay.
we have become ever so comfortable within this decay.
we have made such discoveries within these haunted minds.
we have found such truths, yet left so many behind.
we are passengers to each other wills, bending and boasting however they see fit.
we have forsaken such amnesty within the smoke, never knowing when to quit.
we have circled the arena, searching opponet far and wide.
we have pronounced the cowardice, coaxing out all who hide.
we have denounced the discouraged and defeated the derilect.
we have put to such rigorous beatings all that we select.
we silence the children, their cries are far too weak.
we suppress the elders, their lips too shamed to speak.
our self proclamity is profound and it quakes the foundations, to say the least.
our plunderings of the wicked and righteous alike have laid claim to such feast.
the darkness fears us and the day loathes the clap of our feet.
the armies bow and the rulers boast and roar until they feel our merciless, defeat.
embarrassment has lost its sufficiency and our fragrances have begun to wane.
we were tempted and bested by so many, in vain.
apologies are indifferent, i only wish for a smile, forcedly if it must be.
i simply wish for your benevolance once again. oh, how it soothed my aching wounds.
your lips tasted of velvet, my body begins to swoon.
recolections of our indulgencies are futile, as of now.
i sang and i sang in attempts to match you, but could never quite decipher how.
my direction stands steady, my loyalty stands true.
let your eyes lie heavy, may your lips stay blue.
words nor sentences nor speaches could ever truly express how much i truly do, love.

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