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To My Dear

August 7, 2010
By KTawesomoGIRL GOLD, Renton, Washington
KTawesomoGIRL GOLD, Renton, Washington
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You say you care
But you won’t share
The time of day my dear
If I replied
Which I won’t
Because I try
To stay away
From those who stray from me

You’re sorry
But for what
Because you left me here?
Or for caring at all
My dear
But I didn't hear the call
Of the conscience
Saying go
Just say no
To way that you showed
Me to avoid the things
I didn’t want to face

And now you’ve joined that group
Are you happy?
I hope you are
Because deep down
You’re my star
You’ll always be
To me
The first to care
To share the time my dear
But I try to stay away
From those who stray from me

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