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War Heart

August 6, 2010
By mohoski BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
mohoski BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
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As we sit here in our homes,
Listening to the combat bleeding through the radio,
We feel fear and guilt as we think about,
Our brothers, our fathers, our husbands, our friends fighting for their lives.

We sign up for what we feel, not knowing what we may have to endure,
But as we tremble onto the field,
Blood rushing, adrenaline pumping
And then the shot, as he shoots him down, killing him with pride to serve his country well, but also because a threat leaks within him.
He then looks into the dying soldiers eyes, to only see he has not shot down an enemy but a brother fighting for the same goal as another in the battle of war.
The blood, the weapons, the sweat, the tears, all break down to one bloody haunting.

Crawling through our homes, our home made trenches, full of mud, water, rats and feces.
We make new friends, think of old memories, even though all around us is war and death, we still have enough in us to remember our families, our loved ones and our hope and faith.

At home, the people of our country help and care as best they can for those who are fighting and risking their lives.
They will do their best to create, mourn and inspire, but they know no matter how much they do, it will never be enough to lead to world peace and end the war to end all wars.

We all remember, we all encourage and we are all thankful for what those soldiers have done to advance our country in war, in politics and in love, the soldiers that have made the difference have served our country and continue serving to this day; have used their voices, their open minds, and arms. For these soldiers must have died and gone down with war hearts!

The author's comments:
The reality of what soldiers have faced to serve our country in the past and the home front and the battle grounds feeling expressed

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