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No More Love Songs

July 27, 2010
By jenicex DIAMOND, Passaic, New Jersey
jenicex DIAMOND, Passaic, New Jersey
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I'm tired of hearing these songs
About a girl and a boy,
A boy and a girl.

And in the chorus,
Somehow this chick finds a way
To be with this boy, who's the center of her world.

Ain't this a swing from reality?
They end up with what they want, yet not what they dream.

If I were the boy in your stupid love song,
I'd find a way to make it end bad.
And don't begging, please;
It won't change anything at all.

If I were the girl in your mopey dumb song,
I'd find a way to get the hell over you.

No more singing that they belong with you.
They can do whatever they want to do.
And if they want to be free,
Then that's how it's gonna be.

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