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Happily Ever After

June 27, 2010
By ayaman PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
ayaman PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
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Once Upon A Time
where a man named Time lived
a land where bells did chime
as clocks brought time alive
While fairies pranced across
the land of this and that
where princes and princesses were at quite a loss
for what to do with What
And What was asking Why
whether time was passing by
and Time indeed was flying high
above them both up in the sky
“Oh yes, look up!” Why said aloud
“Time’s up in the clouds!”
So as the two looked up in awe
sure enough, a large crowd saw
And gathered ‘round to watch him too.
One asked if that was safe to do
Another said, “not for you.”
and then a quarrel did ensue
Quickly interrupted by Who,
Who was a man on a great white horse
coming to save the day with force.
And One remarked, “your armor is coarse”
when another warned, “careful, he’s got no remorse.”
And then Who called for all their attention,
saying he’d save Time without any mention
of how he’d do it, causing nervous tension
but that all stopped when Time yelled, “Correction!”
“I’m in no need of saving, I’d just like to say,
you’d see me up here any other day.”
And then the crowd was no longer amused.
What and when were readily accused
For causing a great deal of commotion
when for the first time they saw Time in motion.
And Who interfered once more to be safe
To make sure that no one would lose face.
And all commotion and tension dissolved
when he joked around, causing happiness and laughter
they all got along, and finally they lived
Happily Ever After…

The author's comments:
A twist to the cliche

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on Aug. 20 2010 at 8:42 pm
Marlyre PLATINUM, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"when you cry, do you waste your tears?" Madonna

what spurred this?

I got a little laugh... "Who will save us..."