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Giving up

July 24, 2010
By LadyMoon DIAMOND, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
LadyMoon DIAMOND, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Sometimes I find the hardest thing to do
is trying to give up on you

No matter where I put your pictures,I'm still reminded of your face
In my heart your smile and laughter
will always have a place

I try to hate you but I never could
I have to erase you, I know I should

my heart you stole it time after time
Yet you've never been convicted for this unforgivable crime

The teddy and the necklace, I tried to burn them up
Your voice inside my head,I wish it would shut up!

Regardless of everything I've said,
I know it's a bunch of bull
I fell in love with a heartbreaker, I feel like such a fool

I count the days until our anniversary,'til I realize there isn't anyone anymore
Sometimes I begin to wonder, what are relationships for

They do nothing but make you suffer, make you shed tears of blood and pain
And make you lose the ability to love again....

It always times like these when I find the hardest thing to do
Is giving up on you....

I miss you...

The author's comments:
Just got out of a relationship, so I'm kind of a heartbroken girl. This is for all the people (boys and girls) who thought they found the One, but found out they were wrong.
And even though they hurt, they still can't seem to forget. Keep your head up,my friends!!!

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