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May I Have The Salt?

July 9, 2010
By momo12 SILVER, Sebastopol, California
momo12 SILVER, Sebastopol, California
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Troubled places swim
In silent seas,
Away from the clouds
And into the open sky.
Can you pass the salt ?
Or must I reach
Far into shallow rivers
To find a stone
That means something
To anyone
Who has been there.
Who cut the strings?
From the quiet violin,
And took my music
Out of the room.
I told a secret.
Why did the lights
Turn off?
When it was just the beginning
Of the day,
And I had barely any time
To wake up.
Or go outside
And sit on the grass.
When was it
That I remembered
My emotion?
And I cried that once
Under the world.
What shoulder was it?
That I chose to rest
My head upon,
While the weather was bad,
No longer,
But it happened anyways.
Time is flattened
By the weight of reality
That threatens to become
Something solid.
You spilled the salt,
And it gathered up all
The rest of us
In a space ship.
Can you pass the salt?
Because I want to go back
To the mountains,
And see the sun,
Where it’s cold.
Am I lounging on a cloud?
Because I’m not feeling
The ground,
Where your feet
Should make an impression
In the grass.
What is that rumbling?
That makes the rocks
Slide, shakingly, down a shadow.
I’m moving slowly
Into southern nowhere,
Away from your table
And the salt,
That got passed
To the placemat right in front of me.
I'm going away to nowhere
And when will I be back?
And if you spill the salt,
Even sooner.

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