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June 7, 2010
By Rukia PLATINUM, Yukon, Oklahoma
Rukia PLATINUM, Yukon, Oklahoma
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"Sticks and stones break my bones but words will never hurt me"and or"To Be Or Not To Be That Is The Question"

If life could be simple and pure
We would ALL be stupid and cruel
But most of the world already is
And that is the curse we already give
Time winds back and plays again
Killing the world without its friend
Ticking toking and you wind it again
Listening to that sweet old melody
While the world screams with pain
As we watch it die
Tears fell down my dimpled face
Just to fall and turn to rain
I wish I could save it I really do
But without my love I am not even whole
I searched the world so filled with hope
Just to turn around with pain and hurt
No one knows me but my lover
But he left me for another
I feel his heart, I hear his voice, I see his face lit with joy
I wish I was the one to cause that emotion
But I couldn't have
When I'm full of despair
I feel worthless and used and wadded all up
Just tossed away
And I'm through putting up with it
So much that I might scream

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