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May 29, 2010
By Sileron-evol PLATINUM, Providence, Rhode Island
Sileron-evol PLATINUM, Providence, Rhode Island
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Deaths is in the air

She was a social worker, always put people first

She was diagnosed with brain cancer

And she knew & we just found out

She found out on her birthday, the day her Sister died in a car accident

She didn’t cry, she didn’t plead for a cure to happen

She simply said, “How many weeks do I have?”
She didn’t have a husband, died of a heart attack.

She didn’t have kids, she couldn’t get pregnant

She knew she had less then a week to live and she kept quiet,

She helped whoever needed help,

She gave all her money to charity,

She moved and sold her house,

So here I am today, at this funeral wondering how a wonderful woman could keep quiet about her diagnosis

She experienced death all her life; she knew death would come to her sooner then later

She didn’t cry, or tell her friends and little family,

She simply kept quiet, and made her last week on earth peaceful and alone

Death is in the air, at this quiet funeral where She would be missed and never forgotten

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